The Workshops

Creativity in business can die for many reasons, such as:

  • institutionalisation and a certain ‘learned behaviour’; people stop thinking in new ways
  • climbing the corporate ladder; people in management become divorced from creativity and the creative role
  • lack of belief that your industry needs creativity, so effort is spent elsewhere
  • fear; we don’t like to fail or risk breaking rules and this is not conducive to creating ground-breaking ideas

However, unlocking the creative potential within any business is the key to economic growth. Ideas can help improve customer value, bring new products to the table or simply reduce business costs, so why wouldn’t you want more of them?

Idarc offers 4 different workshops, each designed to maximise potential. Participants are challenged to explore, discover, disassociate, experiment and learn new ways of working, generating ideas and delivering results.

Workshops Currently Available

Ideas Ninja

Duration - 1 day workshop

Ideas are the lifeblood of business. Whether it’s small ideas that help save money or big ideas that change the future and generate significant revenue, every idea starts out in the same way.

You don’t have to be a ‘creative type’ to come up with ideas. Each and every individual in your organisation has the ability to deliver great ideas and a fresh approach. This workshop is designed to provide practical tools and techniques that anybody can use daily to generate an abundance of ideas and unlock the potential within.

Amongst other things we’ll cover:

  • Creative influences – where and how to look for inspiration
  • Creative thinking techniques – tools and techniques to help generate ideas
  • Idea capacity – exercises and techniques to boost capacity
  • Creative blockers – the constraints and red tape to overcome
  • Idea catalysts – how to enhance and be proactive with ideas
  • Ideation strategy – knowing which ideas to pursue and how
  • Development of a set of seed ideas to address a specific business focus

Creativity research in business has demonstrated an average ROI of £20 for every £1 spent on training, need we say more?!

Leadership and Ideas 101

Duration - 1 day workshop

Unlocking creative potential is the key to economic growth.

Research suggests that creativity as a leadership skill actually outweighs other skills such as integrity and global thinking. In fact, according to an IBM survey of 1,500 chief executives around the world, creativity is the most sough-after trait in leaders today.

One of the reasons creative leadership is increasingly essential is the positive impact it can have on the workforce; inspiring employees to generate and develop original and creative ideas. By facilitating creativity, you can increase workplace satisfaction and build a team that works with enthusiasm and drive.

Amongst other things, we’ll deliver:

  • a toolbox of techniques to help develop your own creative skills
  • tips, tricks and a practical framework to build the creative skills of the team around you
  • help in creating an ideation strategy to future-proof your business

Stress Busting and Ideas

Duration - 1/2 day workshop

Last year, stress accounted for 44% of all work-related sickness, while 57% of all working days lost were due to ill health. These numbers demonstrate that mental health is one of the biggest HR issues faced by UK employers today – and it is not going away.

Challenging individuals to be creative in the workplace, and giving them the freedom to solve problems and produce ideas, is proven to reduce stress levels.

Engaging the brain in idea creation takes it away from the mundane and the expected. The resulting boost in serotonin levels makes you feel calmer, but more energised – increasing positivity and reducing stress.

This stress-busting workshop will:

  • be hands-on and inspiring
  • teach individuals how to think in new and creative ways
  • give practical tools and techniques to help with problem-solving
  • provide a clear guide on how to communicate ideas
  • explore practical processes for daily idea-creation

RESEARCH – We’ll work with you to understand your challenges, your project and your desired outcomes and we’ll create a fully customised ideas workshop proposal.

CREATE – We’ll then walk you through the plan. refining it together to ensure we deliver exactly what you need.

DELIVER – When we’re both happy we’ve nailed the workshop plan, we’ll arrange an appropriate time to implement it. For any workshop we will provide everything you need.

FOLLOW UP – After the workshop we’ll hold a debrief session with you, to ensure we’ve achieved the desired outcome and we can share any further learnings/insights.

  • Research
  • Create
  • Deliver
  • Follow-Up

Idarc workshops for an injection of creativity

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