Finding good, engaging speakers who will challenge the thinking of your audience and entertain them isn’t always easy. Creativity and ideation is one topic that everybody has the ability to understand and learn from. Whether your audience is Professional, Creative, Technical, Educational or something else entirely, Jem from Idarc is the perfect choice for your event.

All talks and sessions are customised for your event and the messaging is always made relevant to those in the room. The talks Jem presents are not a lecture and there is no death by PowerPoint, but rather any session will get the audience thinking and engaged with laughter and relatable content guaranteed.

The idea of any talk by Jem is that attendees walk away with a sense of positivity and an ‘I can do it’ attitude.

If you are looking for an engaging speaker who can deliver substance in a light-hearted, entertaining and captivating manner, tailored to your audience, get in touch with Jem.