Creativity Study

There have been various studies into creativity over the years, but none of them have delved into the link between creativity and mental health.

Idarc are undertaking the challenge of producing a comprehensive and extensive study into the link between flexing our creative minds and the impact on mental health. This study will be supported by medical research and we will collate professional input, but a large part will be down to you.

We invite you to participate and help us understand more about the real role of creativity in life and business.  The more people who take part in this study, the more accurate the results will be.

To take part…

If you would like to provide your opinion and input to help us produce the biggest creativity study ever taken, simply fill in your details below, and we will send you the survey within a few hours. In return for your response and help, once the study has been completed you will receive a sneak preview of the report and results to use as you wish and a full report when it is released.