Copywriting Makeover

give your words some welly!

Get your copy to do the donkey work for you, in just 90 minutes

This online micro-course is 90 minutes of actionable steps to take your copy from blah to bloody brilliant -making you money for simply being yourself.
The easy to digest playbook of quick tips and techniques makes all the difference to marketing bumph and can be wrapped up within 90 minutes – that’s an hour and a half for a lifetime’s difference to your business – math never looked so good!
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Copy is like a wedgie; you don’t need to remove your underwear, just a small tweak can make all the difference.

Great copywriting in one word... conversions

Delivered in an easy to digest, light PDF, with plenty of visuals and clear actions, this is one micro-course that you can eat for breakfast.
Actually spit it out, it’ll be far more valuable if you simply read it over breakfast and then grab your laptop and make the magic happen.
Whilst the micro-course may be lightweight, it still packs one hell of a punch – and it’s not afraid to be put in the ring with any of the bigger/more weighty courses – it fancies its chances!

A single word in your copy can take it from ‘killer’ to ‘mood killer’.

Do more business as a direct result of your copywriting

Within your 90 minute copywriting makeover you’ll find examples of transformed marketing bumph with just a few simple copy changes. And you’ll find clear actions on how to apply them to your own copy.
Uncover what works and what doesn’t and how to bring your own voice to make your copy authentic.
Discover the tips and tricks to create hardworking copy for a website homepage, about page, product /service pages, call to actions, emails, headlines, tag lines, confirmation pages and more!
BUY NOW for £79.95

Actions speak louder than words – wrong. Actions on words speak louder!

Take the leap

A few tweaks here and there can turn prospects into customers and customers into advocates.
The examples nestled within the 90 minute copywriting makeover pages show you how it’s done and give you simple, instant actions you can take which really do make a difference.
THE GUARNTEE – If you take action and change your copy based on the 90 minute makeover and you don’t see a change, we’ll give you a free 1:1 consultation.
BUY NOW for £79.95