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About Jem

I’m the founder of Idarc and have spent over 15 years in the ideas business, working in marketing and the creative process.  I love ideas,  I’m full of them and I understand the power of them. I also know everyone has at a minimum of one £million idea – and I have made it my mission to help individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit realise these ideas and change their lives.

I’ve written a few books on the process (you can find these on our ‘books‘ page) to help individuals and we deliver courses and workshops (both online and offline).

As the business grows we’re looking to create ‘Idarc Jump-start’; an ideas investment programme, you’ll hear more about that in a few months. I’m full of many more ideas on where this business can go and how else we can help you, but for now, please make the most of what’s here. And, if you have any feedback for me – I’d love to hear it!

Jem Pennick