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About me (Jem)

I’ve spent over 15 years in marketing. That’s close to 3 million minutes spent on my craft – which is nearly 23 times more time than you will spend on the toilet in your entire life! So basically a shit lot of time!

The point being, I feel confident that I have ample experience and I am good at what I do. And, I love it. Building a digital business based on my passion was the best decision I ever made; completely changing my life (and bank account) for the better, whilst changing others lives too –  how good is that!?

It hasn’t always been child’s play

The truth be told I spent too much time in jobs that didn’t make me want to jump out of bed in the morning. In my marketing roles I was generally tied by the inflexibility of the organisation I was with; most lacked vision – there was never any room for rainbows and unicorns!  But shutting the door on pots of gold and fortune is not very business savvy in my opinion.
I had always had an entrepreneurial spirit and was frustrated having to continually put my ideas back in the box, because they weren’t deemed ‘appropriately boring enough’. So, after 14 years of the same old BS, enough was enough. I started a side hustle (Idarc) and within a year was earning more than my monthly salary. I quit to work on my passion and business full time – I’ve never looked back.
Now I literally fall out of bed in the mornings (because I’m in such a hurry).
I’m as special as everyone else!
I’m an eclectic mix of traits:
I’m both a neat freak and a mess (depends what’s happening). I’m adventurous and a home body. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky – happy to jump out of planes, ride roller-coasters and hit the hire wire. I love food (homemade chips are my absolute favourite) and BBQs in the summer. I live for tea (Nana Dot’s influence). I enjoy the freedom of outdoors and moving; skiing, hiking, running – anything really. And I love chilling out binge watching Netflix and Grey’s Anatomy! I love the sunshine and being in the warmth, but I’m very partial to a log fire too – something very Christmassy about the whole thing.
Which reminds me… I love love love Christmas!
See I wasn’t wrong – eclectic or maybe just confused!

Let's talk about you

I am here to help you build a business based on what you love, fulfill your potential and finally realise your dreams.
Idarc is built on a foundation of idea creation and execution. It is an example of real action and what it takes to turn passion into a profitable business and an incredible life. Everything you will learn through Idarc is based on a proof of concept, having done it myself.
Through the content across my site, I share the highs, lows, lessons, inspiration and actions that will allow you to do exactly what I have.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already on the journey and just looking for some extra help, WELCOME. It’s going to be one hell of a ride – I’m excited for you.