Content strategist and copywriter

About me (Jem)

I’ve spent over 15 years’ in marketing. That’s close to 3 million minutes spent on my craft – so I’m confident in what I do.

Over the years I have helped businesses of all sizes, from all sectors, with their content marketing and copywriting and I’ve achieved some incredible results.

Marketing is my passion and sharing this to help others is a pretty cool job, which is why I decided to turn it into my own business. I love what I do and I never take it for granted. Hire me and I will use all my knowledge and experience to help you succeed.

Let's talk about you

I am here to help you create content for your business that gets the job done and makes you look good!
Idarc is built on a foundation of idea creation and impeccable communication through content. It is an example of my approach in action, using a solid content strategy to build the business – so it’s basically the living proof of what I do.
Through the content across my site, I share insights, lessons, inspiration and actions that will help you create content that makes an impact on your business.

Whether you’ve a large marketing department and team, but are lacking a little direction or va va voom in your content, or maybe you’re a business of one and just don’t have the time to do it all yourself and could do with a hand. I’m here to help and I’m excited you’ve found me.