On: July 21, 2020 In: Growth, Tips & Tricks
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There’s no shortage of ideas in this world, but most of them never really get off the ground. Why? Because most people don’t have the patience and discipline required to turn an idea into a profitable reality.

The media is filled with overnight successes – yet not a single one of these people/businesses were truly created overnight, in most cases they had been working at it for years before suddenly they were catapulted to great heights. But that’s not a good story, so we rarely hear about this bit.

Starting is the easy bit, persevering and toughing it out, staying consistent, keeping the motivation going when nothing seems to be moving in the way you’d expected or hoped is the difficult bit.

So just how do you keep the momentum going, long enough to actually break through?

The answer is actually a very simple one. Consistency. Day in day out you have to keep working at it. But finding the motivation can be a battle. Here are 4 tips to help you on the typically long journey to success:

Set the daily bar low

Yep, you read that correctly. Giving yourself too much to do each day isn’t realistic in the long run, you may be able to do it short term but, as we’ve just discussed, you need to bed in for the long haul. Setting yourself small goals each day that you can achieve means you are more likely to continue and over time make progress, but more importantly stay consistent.

Small progress over time can actually be more effective. Look at weight loss, you see these people who diet for 6 months and drop stones of weight only to then put it all back on in the next 6 months – because it’s near impossible to maintain that kind of activity/lifestyle. Those however who for instance look at just walking an extra 10 minutes a day and reducing their calories by switching to a skinny latte instead of full fat – tiny changes, but sustainable and over a year these seemingly insignificant changes to their activity and diet make a massive difference. Business is the same. Small goals each day over time makes a BIG difference.

Celebrate the small wins

Motivation is about progress and achievement and recognising this, no matter how small, is critical to helping you continue. If you had 2 things on your list to do for your business today and you did them, celebrate that as a success and reward yourself appropriately. How you choose to reward yourself is different for everyone, but so long as it doesn’t diminish your progress towards your goals go for it!

Replace the ‘to do’ list

Forget using the ‘to do’ list to cross off tasks to track progress, instead create a ‘did it’ list – for every thing you do throughout the day, add it to the list and keep it visible. Seeing your progress and how much you’ve already completed is proven to inspire and keep you pushing forward, rather than a ‘to do’ list which can demotivate based on the amount of work still left to be done.

Keeping momentum and continuing your long distance business journey can be tough, but if you can find the tricks and tools to keep yourself moving towards the goal over the long term you could be the next ‘overnight’ success reported in the media.

As my Nan would say, keep ya pecker up and keep going!