On: May 18, 2020 In: Business Bootcamp, Techniques, Tips & Tricks
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I have read no end of differing opinions on this subject, from just 48 hours to 4 hour work weeks to 7-10 years – yes that last one is terrifying! 
So what’s the actual answer?

Of course there are plenty of ‘it depends’ and the nuances of some business make things take a little longer, but I honestly believe if you truly want to start, it’s really not as hard as many people make it. But let’s see shall we.

I am setting myself an experiment to start a new business from scratch starting today – I will record how much time I spend on each action and of course what those actions are and I will walk you through the whole process step by step. I anticipate it won’t take me more than a week all said and done – and that’s without spending every waking hour on the project – I do have other things to do, but time will tell! 

The idea of this exercise is to show you that even with other commitments it can be done and it can be far easier than a lot of people make it. I’m using the fundamentals of my business bootcamp course to run my project too, so I can prove the value you get.

So, just what am I choosing as my definition for the start up process? 

In this project it means concept through to production through to sales, plus a longer term plan for building/growing/marketing the business. At that point, I’d say that I’ve ‘started a business’. 

The other thing I want to test is just how much money you actually need to begin – again, I’ve known people say they can start with nothing at all (doubt that!), and others say it will take an investment of thousands. Again, this is a bit of a ‘it depends’ scenario – but whatever your business idea, I hope to give you the tools, techniques and process to at least start it now – even if it’s in a slightly different/smaller manner to the eventual vision; unless of course you have thousands of pounds in which case great go for it your way! 

So, I’m starting today – I’ll post daily with my progress and what I’ve achieved and how much time/money I’ve spent so far. 

Check back tomorrow for the update.