On: April 20, 2020 In: Growth, Tips & Tricks
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What has happened with the COVID-19 pandemic was predicted years ago. Sadly, the majority of us didn’t listen. Hopefully that won’t be the case again, and next time it happens – because it will – you’ll be ready! 

Once the peak of the virus has passed we will enter back into society and have to adapt to a new ‘normal’. Quite how this will look is unknown, but we can take a guess.

Our predictions aren’t exactly rocket science, more common sense, but the factors we raise are all important for business owners to consider:

  • Remote working will be ingrained into the daily business world more than ever. 
  • Environmental appreciation and desire will continue to rise, with activities in nature increasing and a conscious effort to protect remaining strong.
  • We will be even more digitally connected with our social networks in real-time through the likes of Zoom and WeChat to name a couple.
  • We will do even more online – from learning and virtual entertainments to telemedicine and health-tech.
  • Risk aversion will rise, with greater numbers looking for security from what they do with their money to the jobs they chose.
Ideas and Development (I&D)

As an entrepreneur the above list offers an opportunity for new ideas for your venture. 

Consider how you can adapt/improve/change your products and services to align with the societal changes that are already in play and those that are likely to continue when lockdown ends. 

Work on these new ideas now so when we emerge you’re ready.

Create new storylines

Next up consider scenario planning for your business. 

Look at your current set-up and systems and work on plans for scenarios in the future, based on the current trends we’re seeing, and prepare. For example, how can you build a remote infrastructure for your venture if you haven’t already? How can you protect yourself and your staff financially, keeping the risks low? What might you implement/save to protect everyone involved?

These types of questions can help you re-structure and put in play preventative measures to serve you in the future.

Be helpful now

Marketing channels and messaging in the future will be hugely impacted by this pandemic and how you choose to position yourself whilst this is going on will be critical to coming out stronger.

Choosing the right mediums for your target audience and offering help in any way you can right now, without asking for anything in return, will help you build trust and a community. 

Think about your current skills, your current business offerings and what you can give. How can what you do help the community, customers and your audience in this time of crisis. Once you’ve worked out what you can do to help – do it. 

DO NOT exploit the current situation – this will hurt you in the future not help. Just help. Be human. Be real. And support those around you however you can. 

When this is over, those you helped  will not forget it and you will come out with stronger relationships and we guarantee this will help your business in the future.


Whilst the future is unknown and we all know the economy will be in a vulnerable position when we finally exit the lockdown, you have every opportunity now to give yourself the best chance to leave stronger. 

If you need any more advice or help, feel free to get in touch, we’re here to help where we can too!