On: April 5, 2020 In: Tips & Tricks
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Calling all entrepreneurs! Being stuck at home with a very limited social life, could actually be exactly what you need to begin turning your ideas into a reality and moving towards your dreams.

Do you make excuses for not pursuing business ideas? “Not enough time”, “I don’t know how to do <<fill in the blank>>”? Now be your absolute perfect chance to leap. As long as you have a device and the internet there really is nothing stopping you from beginning, other than your fears. 

There are videos, courses, blogs and an array of other information out there that will teach you whatever it is you need to know. Whether it’s building a website, reaching an audience, choosing the right products, etc. This is the perfect time to learn and set yourself up, so when the world opens up again you are in a better position than when this pandemic started.

Decide on the business you want to create 

You’ll hear plenty of people say about following a passion and not going into business for money, and they’re right to a degree But there’s one thing that will drive a business forward far quicker than any other…

Choosing a business that solves a problem that you are passionate about. 

Consider this when thinking about what business you want to create. Read our ‘building a problem solving business’ post for some inspiration whilst you think on it.

And, don’t ever be afraid of making money. Money is awesome and lets you make a real difference to your own life and others. With money you can do good. Without it you can too, but money sometimes makes it easier. Why would you shy away from that?

Understand your audience and do it for them

Customer-centric is the key to a good business. 

It’s not about you. It’s about them. But who is your ‘them’ – what do they need, what do they want, what do they care about? Work your business, products, services and marketing around this and you will not go far wrong.

There are plenty of tools and practices out there that will help you define your customer persona and their needs/wants/desires, take some time to nail this down before you move on.

A few questions to think about that will  kick-start this process for you, include:

  • What is a day in the life of your customer like? Step into their shoes.
  • What challenges do they face that they may need help with?
  • What is it that wakes them up in the middle of the night?
  • What are their dreams, what are they looking for?
  • What do they are about and value?

Consider how you will make money

There are many ways to make money in a business. 

It may be selling a single, one-off product. Perhaps a subscription model that’s a monthly/quarterly payment. Maybe it’s a sequence of products over time. Perhaps it’s a service. Maybe your customers don’t pay anything, but affiliates/advertisers/partners do. 

Either way, somehow you need to make money.

I have read it and heard it said a million times over, if you don’t make money from what you are doing it’s a hobby, not a business. 

You can take plenty of inspiration and ideas for how to make money from other businesses out there, look at the models they are using, what would work for your business, what would work for your customers, what would work for you? Think about your options. 

Ultimately you can change how you do business at a later date, but it’s easier if you set out with a clear idea of how you will make money. 

Create a website for your business

Whatever your business in today’s world you cannot run it without a website. 

Think of your site as an unpaid sales person. The advocate for your ideas. It’s the main online medium that helps build trust, engage prospects and ultimately is partially responsible for converting visitors into buyers.

The  great news is you no longer need to be a developer to build a website, there are no-end of tools out there that make it straightforward to get setup, Read our ‘the tools you need to build a website from scratch when you’re not a developer’ post, to help you.

Create great content to engage and inform

Once you’ve taken the above steps then you need traffic and the absolute best way to create traffic is through great content. 

Great content includes considering social media and search engine optimisation. There are plenty of strategies for content creation, whether you opt for a blog, podcast, whitepapers, cartoons, image based; the options are pretty endless and it’s likely you’ll use a combination. 

Have a look around, what content do you think appeals to your audience, what channels do you find them in, how can you learn from others and use the lessons to create something a little unique?

Content needs to be a mix of promotion and engagement. That means these days people don’t want to always be sold to. Like any relationship it’s about give and take. Albeit in marketing now it’s give, give, give, give, give, take.

Creating great content will take time, but while you’re in lockdown, why not build up a bank of content so when things get busy and time suddenly becomes shorter you still have plenty going out while you build your empire.

For help with content and strategies to get things going we offer a couple of options:

  • Our 90 minute copywriting makeover course, will teach you the art of writing copy to engage your audience and make them take action
  • Our business bootcamp will teach you in-depth how to create great content, choose the right channels, build your sales funnel and turn prospects to customers and customers to advocates
Using the current time wisely will serve you in the future and could result in a very different life when the lockdown is over, but for different reasons than the news says! Get cracking.