On: March 30, 2020 In: Tips & Tricks
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It is scientifically proven that our memory is never as good as we think it is. Without even realising we change facts, add false details and sometimes restructure the memory completely. It’s how women have more than 1 child, if they really remembered childbirth accurately they wouldn’t go there again.

There are plenty of reasons why tiny mistakes and adjustments happen when we recall past events – it may be what we think is true or wish were true, perhaps what someone else told us or simply what we want the people we’re talking to to think.

Malleable memories mean it is actually far harder than you think to truly learn from past mistakes and actually even remember the mistake further down the line. It’s also difficult to always remember what’s important when there are so many other things competing for your headspace.

So what exactly can we do about it?

Introducing futureme.org – this is a site that allows you to write a letter from the current day you, to future you. Perhaps you learnt a significant business lesson today that you want to remind yourself of in the future when things are in a different place and you have probably either forgotten the lesson or your memory has changed it so it seems less important.

Or maybe you want to remind yourself to stay grounded and focused on a core fundamental that has allowed you and your business to reach the level of success you are enjoying today and not be swayed by all the shiny new things that now present themselves, forgetting what actually matters.

Or perhaps you simply want to use this tool for a boost of motivation for yourself in the future – an unexpected surprise as it’s likely you will forget you ever wrote it!

Whatever your reason, these letters really can help you and your memory and we would certainly recommend giving it a go.

Letters from futureme.org can be scheduled 1 year, 3 year or 5 years from now or you can choose a custom date – so what are you waiting for, get writing!

Jem’s Idarc letter for the future

The expectation is when you are reading this Idarc is continuing to soar. Hopefully by this point you’ve helped thousands of individuals begin to realise their dreams and work towards their £million idea. Great job, keep going!

But with the continued success I imagine there are opportunities flying at us and it’s hard to keep our feet on the floor, so I want to remind you to make sure Idarc remains consistent – blog regularly, continue to share lessons via ‘Tea with Nana Dot’ and really focus on individuals. Shiny book deals, speaking engagements and all the other distractions shouldn’t take precedence over improving our courses and making sure each Idarc is getting the support they need.

And, if you haven’t started Idarc Jump-start yet, what on earth are you waiting for – make it happen!