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When working on a new business idea, there’s a lot to be done and we know it’s hard to pull yourself away. But it’s important to give yourself a break every now and again to recharge otherwise you risk burning out.

Our best advice for these times of rest is a good documentary.. Whilst technically ‘off the clock’ you’ll still gain a lot of great information to help you on your journey, but you can switch off for a while and let someone else do all the thinking – win win!

To help, here are our top picks of documentaries for any entrepreneur…

Generation Startup – An honest look at the lives of 6 entrepreneurs on their journey of starting a business

FYRE – The story of an exclusive catastrophe ‘FYRE Festival’ and how business wannabes can go too far and how marketing works – not always for good

Print the Legend – a look inside the 3Dprinting industry and the race for 3 young companies to be the next consumer tech giant.

Somm – A documentary that inspires you to pursue your goals. Step inside the lives of 4 men trying to pass one of the hardest exams in the world.

Startupland – The complete journey of 5 CEOs from idea to execution – it’s an empowering and inspirational watch.

Capital C – How the help of strangers and crowdfunding can help individuals realise their dreams.

Becoming Warren Buffet – The documentary of the humble Buffet on his journey from no-one to billionaire.

Man on Wire – Following one of the most daring artistic feats today, this is a lesson in resilience and raw talent.

Dirty Money – this docu-series is about corporate greed and corruption and teaches you about how not to do business

The Toys that Made Us – Diving into the past of our childhoods, this is a compelling documentary that shows the rise and fall of some of the world’s biggest franchises and gives a great lesson in trends.

When you are all ‘businessed’ out, here’s a compelling watch we don’t think you should miss…

Tell Me Who I Am – Covering the story of Alex Lewis who wakes from a three-month coma to discover that he’s lost his memory and how the blanks of his life are filled in with lies. A jaw dropping true story.


Whilst these are our recommendations, we know there are a ton of great documentaries out there, if you have any others that you’ve enjoyed and would like to share with others, please add a comment below and let us know. Sharing is caring!

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