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Taking an idea and turning it into £million isn’t actually as crazy as you may first think – there are some clear actions and lessons to take in order to achieve your goal.

They say everyone has at least 1 £million idea in their lifetime, well did you know you can actually train your brain to create far more? However there’s not a great deal of value in just an idea – it needs some kind of execution to get it to a point where it is worth something.

Here at Idarc we’ve narrowed down the initial process to building your idea to 7 core steps that will give you the best start on your journey to turning a single idea into a £million idea.

We’ve put together a free audio workshop that takes you through these 7 secrets to success and gives you some key actions to kick-start your enterprise.  And even if you’ve already begun, we think it’s worth a listen, you may justl find something you haven’t already thought about!