On: February 17, 2020 In: Growth, Tips & Tricks
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Forget the waffle, we’ll keep this simple, here are the tricks…

Stay creative and curious

Entrepreneurs are by their nature curious, but in pursuit of a business it can be easy to become blinkered and less curious – but this is a business killer.

Staying curious allows your mind to see new possibilities and ideas that otherwise may have passed you by. These are the kind of ideas that can take a mediocre business to a great one. Learn more from an earlier blog post ‘How to become more curious’

Positive mindset is key

Positivity really does bread positivity and the power of the mind is the strongest tool in your armoury to success – unless you believe you can do it, you won’t! So keeping a positive mindset is paramount.

Ultimately most entrepreneurs recognise that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and they simply embrace it!

Follow your passions

Entrepreneurship and building ideas and businesses takes your heart and soul, and pure dedication. If you’re not passionate about the venture you’re embarking on then it’s unlikely you’ll have the grit and determination to see it through during the hard times. Choose things you are interested in or that inspire you and the journey will be a lot easier.

Not only that, if you follow those things that you are passionate about, then it is likely that without even trying you will exude authentic love for your business in a way that will draw others into supporting you. It really isn’t about talking the talk, but rather if you are walking the walk with a spring in your step and infectious enthusiasm, people will naturally follow.

Continually learn

Entrepreneurship is all about learning; learning lessons as you go, understanding what the data is telling you and then acting accordingly – you must be open to continuously learning. Even learning from others, sometimes where you’d least expect it – it’s surprising what you can learn along the way if you simply pay attention.

Word of caution – Don’t ever think you’re too successful to learn – you aren’t! This attitude will only lead to complacency, it’s how the likes of Blockbuster ended up being wiped out!

Grow thick skin

You will as a growing and then successful entrepreneur get haters, trolls and the media will try to bring you down a peg or two; it’s weirdly what happens. If you’re the underdog and starting out, you’ll be boosted and cheered on, but as soon as success arrives the tables turn. You need thick skin and the ability to take it on the chin otherwise it can drive you crazy.

The other reason for thick skin is on your journey to success it’s inevitable you’re going to take a number of falls – you need to be able to brush them off, pick yourself up, then plough on – try and learn from the failings of course, but don’t let them stop you.

Always sign your own cheques

Oprah said this. Don’t give up responsibility to others – certainly in the beginning – you are in charge of your own destiny and no-one else has your best interests at heart better than yourself.

Many people who had achieved fortunes and riches through successful business have also lost it all by giving up their financial control to others. This doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself, by all means delegate, use advisors and the best people available, but at the end of the day you know what is going out and choose.