On: February 2, 2020 In: Growth, Ideas generation
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On the 2nd February 2020, I decided to create a post that encourages people to ‘start today’. In doing so I quickly asked Google how many days were remaining in the year – the answer was 333.

So I did a little math. If I asked those reading my post to start coming up with 10 ideas a day, from this point in time, then over the course of the year they’d have 3333 ideas (at least, because the likelihood is other ideas would pop up outside of this exercise).

Based on the 80/20 rule; the Pareto Principle – let’s say only 20% of those ideas were valuable ones – that’s still a whopping 666 ideas. 666 ideas that could make a big difference to life, health, wealth and the future.

Theory creation

I liked this theory – so I thought to myself, what if I create theory 333, which is all about ‘starting idea creation today to make a significant difference to tomorrow’.

I went back to Google to see whether there was any other significance in the number 333 (and to check no-one else had a theory 333). It turns out 333 means you are protected, which if you’re coming up with 666 good ideas in a year I’d say you are! Not only that, the significance of 333 can also mean it’s time to decide – again, coming up with 3333 ideas in a year and you can only choose 20%, which 80% to cut is a decision you have to make – and not always an easy one! It all tied in rather nicely.

And finally Google told me that 333 means to express your authentic self and use your natural abilities – which for me set a reminder that when thinking of ideas, you mustn’t let others opinions and attitudes mold your thoughts and change your behaviour – be free to come up with ideas that are wholeheartedly you; because they are usually the winning ones!

Introducing Idarc’s Theory 333

So, with all of the above – I am as of today introducing Idarc’s Theory 333 – the concept of starting to create 10 ideas a day today and each day ahead, which will change your trajectory in life for the better!

Let change begin.

Use our handy Theory 333 Tracker to visually represent each day of idea creation and keep it going!

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