Pitching an idea
On: November 18, 2019 In: Ideas generation, Tips & Tricks
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It doesn’t matter how good your idea is. If you cannot get buy-in from those who matter then it won’t go anywhere. In fact on average only 1% of ideas make it beyond the pitch stage. If you want your ideas to be realised, you need to become an expert pitcher!

And the secret to achieving buy-in from the outset is fairly straightforward and can be summed up in 2 words… Creative Collaboration.

This is of course in addition to the passion and enthusiasm you display for your own ideas, that you need to bring to the pitch.

Enrolling those you are pitching an idea to into the creative process, and giving them the chance to shine, is a seduction method which creates buy-in and acceptance. And there are 3 ways to do it.


Lead your audience through a number of shared memories/viewpoints during pitching an idea. Reinforce their knowledge and expertise as well as your own. Get them to recall and comment on what you’re saying so they are offering an opinion or knowledge that you wholeheartedly agree with. Ensure that these recollections help move them towards your core idea, so there are similarities.


Open your audience’s imagination. Unfold a story that is utterly absorbing to those you are pitching an idea to. Approach the pitch in a narrative fashion. Set the scene of a world those watching/listening want to be involved in. This is the way to pitch an idea if you are genuine about the story you are telling. If you truly believe in the scene you are setting. This isn’t a pitch you can fake.

Ask for help

Use your audience to learn. You have a brilliant idea, but you need them to teach you more to get this idea to fly. Get them involved in the process. Ask for their expertise and opinions. Pull them into the tornado with you. Those who are passionate about their ideas, but don’t profess to know everything, can be endearing and people want to help them. Turn pitching an idea into a collaborative session where you seek advice and guidance. By turning your audience into mentors you create a relationship where they suddenly want to see you succeed. This pitch strategy is definitely about personality and character.


Sadly pitching an idea is not usually about the quality of the idea, but about the way in which it is delivered and the audience persuaded. Many a bad idea has been created. But if you nail the creative process and create good ideas, then learn the pitching method that suits you and the idea, and you are onto a winning formula.

If you’d like help in preparing for pitching an idea, get in touch with Idarc – we offer a free pitch session to get you on the right track to turn your idea into reality.