On: November 4, 2019 In: Growth, Ideas generation
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I’m sure your diary is stacked, endless appointments, deadlines, meetings, calls, so with such a packed schedule how exactly are you supposed to come up with brilliant ideas to move your business and you forward?

Yet there’s an argument for being a ‘busy fool’ because without the space to think, you may well be wasting your precious time! It’s easy to get bogged down in just getting things done, but maybe, just maybe they’re not the right things or if you just took some time there is actually a better way to do things.

It seems very few people schedule time to ’think’ – maybe we feel guilty because this time seems like a luxury or perhaps the business we work for doesn’t see it as valuable, whatever the reason we need to have a word, because those who make time to explore possibilities are those who make history and deliver the ideas that change business for the better.

If you need proof then one of the most successful executives in the world can provide it. Bill Gates schedules ’think weeks’ into his diary a few times a year. During this time he removes himself from civilisation and heads to a cabin in the woods for a solo retreat. At this time he disconnects from everything and everyone. He surrounds himself with newspapers, books, reports, industry news and a variety of other literature to ponder. He jots down responses to what he reads and lets ideas flood into the area of his mind he has cleared for them.

Whilst most of us can’t take a week away and head on a retreat, we can slow down and find at least a little time for contemplation and reflection in a different location. The advantages of time such as this in isolation includes…

Greater focus 

Scheduling time to think without distractions, we can clear away mental clutter and focus our thoughts.

Greater creativity in a new location 

Being in a different environment has been proven to boost creativity simply by the virtue of being somewhere with fresh inputs

Health benefits

Being in nature without the stresses of daily life we set out brain free, boost energy and improve our problem solving skills

We all have the power to schedule at least an hour each week for a thinking session, if you can manage more that’s terrific, but let’s talk about the minimum. Leave your desk and head to a quiet, calm place, whether that’s a park or museum or somewhere else that works for you. Turn your mobile off and remove distractions, set a goal if there is something specific you are thinking on and then let your imagination run wild.

Giving yourself this time for creative exploration each week can have a big impact on the ideas you are bringing to the table and the future of your position and the business. Give it a try, schedule ‘Think Gaps’ into your diary for 1 month, I bet you don’t revert back.

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